Discovery Jam returns to IEEE VIS 2017, this time as a full day event – building on the success of last year’s event. We’ll have a morning of digging into science, and then an afternoon of hacking on data, so bring your laptops, your brains, and your favorite tools. Be ready to dig into data!

You’ve heard of Game Jams and Hack-a-thons – we are doing the same thing for scientific discovery. We bring scientists together with visualization and analysis experts to brainstorm, generate ideas and present pitches of innovative solutions to the discovery problems that this community faces.

Modern scientific discovery requires a data-intensive approach that melds expertise from across many disciplines. The vast stores of data available – from experiments, observations and simulations – have the potential to foster countless valuable discoveries, yet scientists continue to struggle to make sense of this data.

We believe interactive analysis and visualization holds an answer to this problem, but we also believe that a new, perhaps even disruptive, approach is needed in order to realize this potential.

We’ve created the Discovery Jam as an exciting, vibrant, inspirational mechanism for creating interdisciplinary teams to address specific challenge problems. A Discovery Jam demonstrates – through example – a culture of collaboration and a method of training a new cohort of scientists, technologists, and artists to work together toward discovery across disciplines.

Come to  IEEE VIS and join us for our next Discovery Jam!