We could use help in making the Discovery Jam a reality. Any contribution you make to the Discovery Jam’s activities at VisWeek count towards your overall contribution level at the conference, so helping us will raise your visibility at the conference as well.

As a Discovery Jam 2016 sponsor, you’ll have our thanks in getting Discovery Jam off the ground, as well as a place on our sponsor page, visibility at the Jam and the Jam Social, and mentions in social media (twitter and facebook).

Here’s what we’re raising money for:

  • Travel expenses for scientists. For our first Jam, we’re asking scientists to travel to IEEE Vis – a conference they don’t normally attend. We’d love to be able to make it easy for them to come by covering travel expenses.
  • Discovery Jam Social. An important part of a Jam is sharing the work with a broader community. We’d like to hold a small social to share the ideas, excitement and science that happened during the workshop.
  • Prizes and awards. At our social event, we’d love to give out awards for the most innovative, crazy and elegant ideas. Anything from a video card to a set of oil paints would be great.

If you’d like to help us achieve the vision of bringing scientists, visualization researchers, designers and students together to change scientific discovery, please contacts us and we’ll let you know how to help.