Our first Discovery Jam will be held as a workshop at IEEE VisWeek 2016. We’ve been practicing, and are refining the workshop, but the basic workshop goes like this:

  • Introduction by Dan Keefe Dan will set the context for the workshop and get us all thinking about the big picture for DiscoveryJam and the workshop.
  • Short Introductions by Scientists. Each scientist will present a pitch about their science and science problems. This will be very quick – just enough info so that everyone in the room has an idea of the range of science we’ll address. Details come in the smaller groups.
  • Group Sessions. This will be the bulk of the workshop. We’ll break into groups, and the scientist assigned to each group will give a deeper dive into the science question, and come up with ideas – both wild and less wild – for approaches and solutions. A group facilitator will provide structure through a few planned activities, adapting these to the dynamics of each group.
  • The Pitch/Wrap up. We will regroup and pitch ideas, solutions and suggestions for how to improve the next DiscoveryJam.

All participants will leave with:

  • A deep understanding of one of the DiscoveryJam problems presented, and an overview of several others.
  • Connections to the community. We will distribute contact information of all workshop participants. We hope this is the start of a community of people interested in solving difficult science problems, so we want everyone to keep in touch.