DiscoveryJam will be returning to IEEE VisWeek 2017 as a full-day workshop. This will be similar to our last DiscoveryJam, but will include an afternoon of working with the domain scientist on real data – a new feature this year.

It will go something like this:

  • Introduction Our team will set the context for the workshop and get us all thinking about the big picture for DiscoveryJam and the workshop.
  • Group Sessions. This will be the bulk of the workshop. We’ll break into groups, and the scientist assigned to each group will give a deeper dive into the science question, and come up with ideas – both wild and less wild – for approaches and solutions. A group facilitator will provide structure through a few planned activities, adapting these to the dynamics of each group.
  • Lunch. To keep the ideas flowing!
  • Afternoon Data Hacking. Working with the scientist and the scientist’s data, we will settle in for an afternoon of hacking with the data. You can bring your own computer for this, as USB sticks with datasets will be provided, or you can hack away with equipment we provide. Use your favorite tools to dig into the data, discuss solutions with the scientists, and create visualizations or prototypes that address the science questions.
  • The Pitch/Wrap up. We will regroup and pitch ideas, solutions and suggestions for how to improve the next DiscoveryJam.

All participants will leave with:

  • A deep understanding of one of the DiscoveryJam problems presented, and an overview of several others.
  • Connections to the community. We will distribute contact information of all workshop participants. We hope this is the start of a community of people interested in solving difficult science problems, so we want everyone to keep in touch.